LIC Tax Saving Policy

LIC Shivakumar A - Life Insurance Free Quotes in Bangalore,India

Life Insurance Free Quotes

Life Insurance Free quote would give you an idea of what is in the plan. Always contact a Professional Insurance Agent and ask him to come and meet personally. Life Insurance cannot be purchased from a unknown Insurance Life Insurance Agent with Life Insurance free quote.

Life Insurance Corporation of India is fully owned by Government of India. Benefits of LIC Life Insurance plans

  • Government guarantee
  • Best claim settlement ratio
  • Tax Exemption on Premium payment
  • No Tax on claims, survival Benefits and Maturity
  • World wide coverage
  • Life cover for natural Disaster
  • Life cover for terrorist attack
  • Double Accident Benefit
  • In built disability rider

There are numerous points which can be added in support of LIC Life Insurance Plans. NRIs can also avail LIC plans without coming to India.


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