LIC Tax Saving Policy

LIC Pension plans 9945556138 section 80C of Income Tax Act

LIC Pension Plans

LIC Pension Plans give a sense of security. Pension is a complicated word. Pension in other words annuity means saving future. Many may not like saving for future from first day of joining a job. Pension plan is a process of long-term savings plan with tax relief. Pension Plan investment should save tax at the same time it should give the Retirement benefits 100% Tax free.

Earlier days a Pension plan of 1 Cr was considered as good for life time pension. As the Economy is growing, inflation is bringing down the value of money. Save before you start spending every month. Because future is going to be worst than you think.

Retirement is going to be a major unforgettable event in our life. I want to make your own plans of investment and save for your retirement days.

Whatever may be your age…….

you have less working years and more non working years to live

Are you prepared for that ???

Call me at 9945556138 for best pension planning for life time pension

In LIC, we have several plans for guaranteed Pension till life. They are :

  • Jeevan Umang
  • Jeevan Akshay VI
  • Jeevan Nidhi

Retirement plan as per budget is a challenging job. Pension planning anyone can do but getting guaranteed pension during retirement is a big doubt. Always plan for guaranteed benefits during pension days. As past performance cannot be guaranteed, keep on increasing your savings and saving methods. Tax Free pension during retirement days are very much appreciated. Savings for final days and paying Tax from Pension is a big loss.


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