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You can call us for Tax Saving Life Insurance plans because we are one of the top Life Insurance Agents in Bangalore. Our services include New Life Insurance Plans, Children Education Plans, Tax Saving Plans, Term Insurance Policies, Pension Planning. Our services are available round the clock. Call us at 9972660645.

We strongly recommend you to know the Life Insurance Agent/Advisor before proposing any plan. Maturity benefits would be paid only if the Insurance policy matures otherwise a portion or your premium would be paid

Whenever cancel a Life Insurance plan, you lose a huge portion. It is always recommend to go for a full time Agent to help you till maturity of the policy.

In India, Insurance business is not so easy. Selling Life Insurance is very hard in India. Term Insurance is not so popular. Selling Term Insurance plans are very tough as people do not believe in them. Guaranteed returns based plans are very big hit. All Insurance plans from Life Insurance Corporation of India comes under 80 of Income Tax Act.

Many agents are part timers, try to collect as much premium as they can and do not collect premiums also. So, Please take care in choosing the Agent who can help you till maturity and also help your family members if help is required.

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